Tifton Talks emerged in 2007 as the primary hub for discussions centered on Tifton and its neighboring areas. Back then, Facebook was taking its first steps, and Twitter, now known as X, was just finding its voice.

Since those early days, social media has exploded, offering both benefits and drawbacks for Internet users. While Facebook Groups have their utility, they’re tethered to a corporate giant where users themselves become the commodity, a common trend with free services like Gmail.

Tifton Talks, however, is a passion project, not a profit venture—at least not yet (and there’s nothing wrong with earning from your efforts). We’re not asking users to abandon Facebook or its groups; rather, we hope some of your time could be devoted to engaging on the Tifton Talks platform.

Ultimately, our aim is to curate and exchange information to the best of our ability. We invite you to stay connected and become an integral part of our community here at Tifton Talks.

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