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The upcoming emergence of periodical cicadas in certain parts of the United States unveils fascinating and bizarre characteristics of these insects. Not only are they known for their incredible urination prowess, outclassing even humans and elephants, but they also possess unique physiological adaptations for feeding and survival. These cicadas extract moisture from tree roots using specialized pumps in their heads, allowing them to sustain themselves for over a decade underground. Moreover, their urine flow rates are remarkably high, earning them the title of the animal kingdom’s strongest urinators. Despite their unusual habits, cicadas play essential ecological roles, benefiting caterpillars by diverting predators’ attention during their emergence periods. However, these remarkable insects face a formidable threat in the form of a sexually transmitted fungus that turns them into zombies. This fungus sterilizes male cicadas, spreading through populations and disrupting their reproductive cycles. The intricate relationship between cicadas and their environment highlights the fascinating complexity of nature’s ecosystems.


Cicadas are nature’s weirdos, and about to infest 2 parts of the U.S. | AP News

By Donovan Adkisson

Editor in Chief of Tifton Talks | Managing Director of Tifton Media Works, LLC

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