postage stamp with usa flag on white envelopePhoto by Anthony Acosta

In 2024, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is undergoing several changes:

  1. Stamp prices are increasing, with first-class Forever stamps rising from 66 to 73 cents by July 14, reflecting a 2 percent overall price hike.
  2. Enhanced identity verification measures are required for mail forwarding requests, either in person at local post offices or online, to combat identity theft.
  3. Four new stamp releases are planned, including themes like Dungeons & Dragons, John Wooden, carnival nights, and Ansel Adams photography.
  4. USPS projects a net loss of $6.3 billion in fiscal 2024 due to declining mail volume, despite an anticipated increase in package delivery.
  5. USPS is consolidating delivery centers to improve service and speedier delivery, aiming to expand same-day/next-day shipping and improve on-time performance without closing post offices or impacting services.


Higher Stamp Prices, Plus 4 More USPS Changes in 2024 (

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