The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has introduced an expansive 11-acre film studio with a diverse range of shooting locations. This unique facility allows students to film without the challenges of obtaining permits or dealing with everyday crowds. It features detailed sets including a barber shop, bar, boutique, hardware store, and café, providing students with hands-on experience across various filmmaking disciplines.

The versatile set can be transformed into different settings, from a Savannah street to a London or Paris backdrop. The time period for shooting can also be easily adjusted, offering a wide array of creative possibilities.

SCAD’s ambition extends beyond student use; they hope to attract Hollywood productions to the facility. However, the caveat is that Hollywood projects must involve student crews to facilitate learning opportunities for SCAD students across various majors, including acting, directing, and design.

The 11-acre backlot is just the first phase of the project, with plans for a New York Cityscape and a Times Square reminiscent of “Back to the Future” in the second phase, set to be fully operational in 18 months.

SCAD unveils new film set, aims to bring Hollywood to Savannah (

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