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Here’s a rundown of the key legislations:

  1. Senate Bill 140 prohibits gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for minors but permits the use of puberty blockers.
  2. Senate Bill 11 empowers the GBI to handle incidents involving terrorism, including biological, chemical, cyber, and domestic threats.
  3. Senate Bill 44 imposes stricter penalties for violating Georgia’s gang laws.
  4. Senate Bill 46 mandates HIV and syphilis testing for pregnant women during their first prenatal visit.
  5. Senate Bill 47 introduces misdemeanor charges and fines for vaping in restricted areas.
  6. Senate Bill 68 adds dogfighting to Georgia’s RICO Act, addressing organized crime.
  7. Senate Bill 92 establishes a commission to review complaints against district attorneys and enables easier recall of DAs from office.
  8. Senate Bill 129 allows employees to take up to two hours of unpaid time off for voting.
  9. Senate Bill 222 ensures that election administration costs are covered by public funds and prohibits direct donations to local officials.
  10. House Bill 147 mandates intruder alert drills in schools, trains teachers to identify gang members, and enables parents to opt-out.
  11. House Bill 316 strengthens penalties for violent repeat sex offenders and improves handling of sexual offenders moving to Georgia.
  12. House Bill 383 enhances penalties for assaulting healthcare workers and permits hospitals to establish their own police forces.
  13. House Bill 416 allows qualified pharmacy techs to administer certain vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine.
  14. House Bill 529 reduces the minimum insurance coverage required for rideshare companies from $1 million to $300,000 in case of accidents.
  15. The Healthy Babies Act authorizes the Department of Public Health to conduct a pilot program providing visits to at-risk and underserved communities during pregnancy and early childhood.

These new laws address various issues, from healthcare and public safety to voting rights and criminal activities.


Georgia new laws | July 1, 2023 |

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