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school bench with stationery in classroom
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Katherine Rinderle, a fifth-grade teacher at Due West Elementary School in Georgia, is facing termination after reading the book “My Shadow is Purple” to her students, which some parents found controversial. The Cobb County School District (CCSD) stated that Rinderle violated district policies, including two policies related to Georgia laws passed last year regarding the instruction of “divisive concepts” and parental transparency. Rinderle claims the district has not clarified what “divisive” means. The book, which explores gender identity and self-acceptance, was chosen by students from a selection presented by Rinderle. Rinderle’s lawyer and she believe the book was not inappropriate or controversial. The district alleges additional violations, including improper use of class time and failure to acknowledge the book’s content. Rinderle’s termination hearing is set for August 3.


Georgia school district intends to fire teacher after she read book about gender identity to fifth grade class, document shows | CNN

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