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The United States Postal Service (USPS) has introduced a new address verification policy to enhance security. Customers can now change their address online, in person at a retail office, or via mail, but they must verify their identity during this process. This policy, implemented in August, is designed to prevent fraudulent change-of-address requests. To initiate the change of address, customers can choose one of three methods: online submission, visiting a local retail office, or submitting the request by mail. Once the necessary steps are completed, customers receive an email containing a QR code and must present this code and proper identification at their local post office to update their address. This added layer of security aims to protect customers from online scams and identity theft. In the midst of changing USPS procedures, concerns arise about potential winter delays in mail delivery as the season approaches. Winter conditions, including heavy ice, snow, and wind, can impact the timely delivery of Christmas packages. Customers are advised to stay informed about USPS service disruptions by visiting the designated service alerts page on the USPS website. This page provides up-to-date information on post office closures, delays resulting from power outages or severe weather, and other service-related disruptions. To track their packages, customers can use the tracking number provided to them and access the USPS tracking system. Furthermore, USPS cautions readers about a scam involving fake tracking IDs that redirect individuals to a fraudulent USPS website, falsely requesting them to update their address.

USPS address change policy requiring customers to verify identity (

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