A Neo-Nazi group recently carried out demonstrations outside multiple synagogues in Georgia, waving swastika flags and promoting antisemitic propaganda. Led by Jon Minadeo II, the leader of the hate group Goyim Defense League, the disturbing protests took place at Chabad Lubavitch of Cobb County in Marietta and Temple Beth Israel in Macon. Minadeo had been charged with disorderly conduct and public disturbance in Macon prior to the demonstrations. The displays of hate prompted a strong response from the community, with hundreds gathering to show solidarity with the Jewish community. The incidents in Macon followed the distribution of antisemitic flyers in plastic bags in the city of Warner Robins. Jewish leaders shared images of the protests on social media to expose and condemn the hateful actions. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has noted a concerning rise in antisemitic incidents in Georgia, including a significant increase from 2021 to 2022. The Goyim Defense League has been described by the ADL as a network of individuals connected by virulent antisemitism, spreading conspiracy theories and promoting Holocaust denial.

Original post at Neo-Nazi wave swastika flags outside multiple Georgia synagogues (nypost.com)

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