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During a campaign event in New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump made a false and bizarre accusation against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis of Georgia. Trump suggested that Willis had engaged in an “affair” with a “gang member” she was prosecuting. He claimed that this person, who he labeled a “young racist in Atlanta,” was involved with a gang and had a romantic relationship with its leader or member. Trump further implied that Willis, who is investigating him in relation to the 2020 election interference, was biased and seeking to indict him based on a personal agenda.

In response to Trump’s accusation, recent social media posts indicate that he misinterpreted a case from 2019 involving rapper YSL Mondo, whom Willis represented in an aggravated assault case. Trump’s claim of a romantic relationship between Willis and a gang member is unfounded and seems to be a distortion of the case details.

Trump’s attempt to discredit Willis aligns with his pattern of discrediting prosecutors and investigations against him. The article suggests that Trump’s false claim could be an effort to undermine Willis ahead of her expected indictment related to her own investigation into him later in the month. The accusation showcases Trump’s tactics of spreading misinformation and attacking those who are involved in investigating his actions.


Trump Pushes Total Lie About Georgia Prosecutor Sleeping With Gang Member (

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