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Two South Georgia pharmacies have received licenses to sell low-THC cannabis oil to eligible patients. The Georgia Department of Community Health announced that the Georgia Board of Pharmacy approved the sale of cannabis oil in Warner Robins, Tifton, and Omega. While the specific pharmacies weren’t named in the Capitol Beat story, a press release in Cannabis Business Times identified them as Omega Pharmacy in Omega, Robins Pharmacy in Warner Robins, and Tifton Drug Company in Tifton. Botanical Sciences, one of the state-licensed companies, is supplying the cannabis oil, expanding access to this treatment for patients with qualifying conditions like end-stage cancer, seizure disorders, AIDS, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, sickle-cell anemia, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Botanical Sciences, Georgia’s first physician-founded medical cannabis provider, has become the first to dispense medical cannabis products through independent pharmacies in Georgia. The CEO of Botanical Sciences, Gary Long, expressed his pride in being part of this groundbreaking moment in Georgia’s healthcare landscape. The company aims to provide patients with hope and relief through medical cannabis and has partnered with over 130 independent pharmacies across the state to expand patient access.

Additionally, Botanical Sciences has opened dispensaries in Marietta and Pooler, with a new location in Stockbridge scheduled to open soon. Patients can find participating independent pharmacies by entering their zip code on the Botanical Sciences website. For the latest information on their medical cannabis products and details on registering for a medical cannabis card, visit

Robins Pharmacy in Warner Robins, Omega Pharmacy in Omega, and Tifton Drug Company in Tifton have made history as the first pharmacies in both Georgia and the United States to dispense medical cannabis. This follows Georgia’s decision to allow medical cannabis distribution at independent pharmacies. Medical marijuana is available for Georgians with physician approval to treat severe conditions, including seizures, terminal cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The low THC oil used contains no more than 5% THC. Gary Long, CEO of Botanical Services, expressed pride in this significant moment in Georgia’s healthcare landscape, while Botanical Sciences aims to provide hope and relief to patients through medical cannabis. The company has partnered with over 130 independent pharmacies to enhance patient access.

Robins Pharmacy, Omega Pharmacy, and Tifton Drug Company are at the forefront of this milestone. Botanical Sciences, which operates medical marijuana dispensaries across the state, offers patients a list of participating independent pharmacies on its website. This development signifies a step forward in patient access to medical cannabis in Georgia, supporting those with severe medical conditions.

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Botanical Sciences Pharmacy Partners are the First to Dispense Medical Cannabis Through Independent Pharmacies in the State of Georgia – Tifton CEO

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Donovan Adkisson
6 months ago

A good first step! Next up is legalized recreational marijuana!

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