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South Georgia is experiencing a shift from a wet July to a scorching week with high temperatures and minimal rainfall, according to forecasters. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures in the high 90s, with heat indices reaching the lower 100s. The combination of heat and humidity poses risks of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. The rising temperatures are attributed to a high-pressure area over the middle U.S., which has caused record-breaking heat in Texas and Oklahoma. While there may be small chances of thunderstorms, any relief from rain will be short-lived. Despite the upcoming heat, July has already been wetter than usual in Valdosta, with an above-average rainfall of 11 inches. Both forecasters do not anticipate severe weather but warn of potential local flooding from isolated thunderstorms. To stay safe in the heat, it is advised to stay hydrated, seek air-conditioned spaces, dress appropriately, limit outdoor activity to cooler hours, and check on vulnerable individuals.

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