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woman holding sign
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Residents of Tifton, Georgia, recently participated in a listening session organized by the Our Time Over COVID Project and the Georgia Department of Public Health. The session aimed to address concerns and increase vaccine confidence in the community. Despite a decrease in COVID-19 cases, attendees expressed anxiety about the potential resurgence of the virus and the lasting impact of the pandemic. Many had adopted online shopping and felt uncomfortable in large crowds. Office workers noted that some colleagues continued to work remotely. While attendees believed getting vaccinated was important, they expressed concerns about vaccine misinformation and the availability of booster shots. Trust was placed in information provided by the state health department, and attendees suggested periodic updates on the virus and vaccine to promote awareness and confidence. They also emphasized the need for businesses and employers to adapt to new employment methods like remote work. Participants received a $50 honorarium for their participation.


Tifton residents speak on COVID, vaccine confidence | News | tiftongazette.com

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