crashing waves

Forecasters are closely monitoring a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, which has the potential to develop into a hurricane threatening North Florida early in the upcoming week. While the storm has not been officially named yet, it’s currently situated off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is moving north. The National Hurricane Center expects it to become a tropical rainstorm soon.

According to meteorologist Kerry Schwindenhammer from AccuWeather, the storm is likely to reach Category 1 hurricane status with winds between 74-95 mph by late Tuesday or Wednesday. The current track prediction suggests it may impact Florida’s Big Bend area, but this could change.

For South Georgia, the primary concern would be heavy rainfall and gusty winds, with the severity depending on the storm’s path. People in the area are advised to check their hurricane preparedness kits. South Georgia’s storm chances are low over the weekend but may rise to around 70% on Tuesday and Wednesday when a hurricane landfall is most probable.

Additionally, the region is experiencing dangerously high temperatures over the weekend, with Valdosta reaching up to 99 degrees due to a high-pressure system. Tifton is also expected to see temperatures as high as 96 degrees. Both forecasters stress the importance of taking precautions against heat stroke and dehydration.

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