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A group of TruVista customers shared their experiences with an unexpected billing system change without prior notification. Customers who were on paperless billing and autopay were particularly affected. They recounted that TruVista had transitioned to a different billing system but had not informed its customers.

Affected customers reported that they only became aware of the change when they received emails requesting them to contact the company about their accounts (or a post about the issue on the Tifton Talks Facebook Page). Furthermore, they discovered that the due dates for their bills had been altered. It is presumed that these changes apply to all customers, with the due date for some being the 7th of the month.

To compound the issue, setting up autopay for the new system couldn’t be done through the online portal; it required contacting a customer service representative by phone. While the representatives were reportedly understanding and helpful, customers expressed frustration about the lack of prior notice from TruVista.

Some customers noted that their account numbers had changed, along with the remit-to address. They provided instructions for adjusting autopay information accordingly. They also mentioned that they did not receive notifications before reading a post about the changes online.

This situation highlights concerns about customer communication and service support from companies that once were local but now are owned by a larger out of state corporation like TruVista. Customers expected better communication and support during such transitions, emphasizing the need for improvement in notifying clients about crucial changes to billing systems and procedures.

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