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In this episode, I discuss the issue with TruVista failing to notify their paperless billing customers they had changed billing systems and moved the due date.  Many of us did not know until we either received emails that our accounts needed attention OR the fact I posted it in the Tifton Talks Facebook Group. 

I also came across an interesting post on Twitter about what people that go to Food Banks really need.  I hope you find it as informative as I did!

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TruVista Customers Experience Billing System Change Without Notification (

Fara Kaufman on X: “So, I spoke to people getting food at a food bank and here are some things I learned from those in need: 1. Everyone donates Kraft Mac and Cheese in the box. They can rarely use it because it needs milk and butter which is hard to get from regular food banks. 2. Boxed milk is a…” / X

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