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In this episode of “Tifton Talks” podcast recorded on September 27, 2023, Donovan covers a multitude of topics related to Tifton and its surroundings. He starts by addressing breaking news about Noel Dean, the head football coach at Tift County High, announcing that he will not seek contract renewal after the academic year due to personal challenges, including his son’s illness and recent events. Donovan also highlights the Tifton Talks community-focused newsletter and promotes the Tifton Grapevine’s newsletter. Other topics discussed include a pepper spray incident on a Tift County school bus, updates from the Tifton Talks newsletters, family dynamics, societal changes, local education issues, and efforts to eradicate an invasive hornet species affecting agriculture in Georgia. For a more detailed discussion, tune in to the episode and explore the diverse range of topics covered.


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