close up photo of gold colored and black condenser microphonePhoto by Jean Balzan

This episode highlights certain news stories from the October 3rd to October 27th Tifton Talks Newsletters.

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Newsletter Links

Near Miss for Blue Devils | Jimmy Carter 99 | Fitz Roundabout | Netflix DVDs Gone (
Superintendent Resigns, Remains on Payroll? (
Gas Tax Suspended Until November 11, 2023 (
Georgia State Agencies Advocate for Significant Budget Increases: Focus on Healthcare, Pay Raises, and Reversal of Cuts (
Georgia Invests $10 Million in Israeli Bonds | Who Is Austin Scott? | Georgia’s $11 Billion in Reserves (
Georgia’s Medicaid Expansion Misses the Mark | IRS Offers Free Software Filing | Gas Prices Down Again (
Billing System Change Leaves Some Customers Angry (

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