There’s a young musician from Willacoochee named RVSHVD (pronounced Ra-shad) making big waves in country music. He started as a rapper but switched to country covers of hip hop songs and got famous online. He recently played at big events like CMA Fest and the Grand Ole Opry, and he’s Billboard magazine’s December Country Rookie of the Month. RVSHVD, also known as Clint Rashad Johnson, grew up in Willacoochee, went to ABAC for music, and fell in love with country after hearing a Keith Urban song. He started making country music covers and found success on social media. His newest song and video, “Small Town Talk,” were filmed in Willacoochee, and he dedicated it to small towns like his own.

Watch his video here. (Video was set to not allow embedding)

Parts sourced from Tifton Grapevine

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